Minutes for 10-10-06 Board Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. by Steve Briggs, President of the Board. All members creating a quorum were in attendance.

Steve Briggs-President, Marci Martin VP, Cliff Reiss-Treasurer, Tom Martinez-Secretary, Mike Swindle-Alt.

Eight of Fifty households were present for this 10/10/06 Board Meeting.

Meeting agenda prepared by Cliff Reiss.

Board Members reviewed & voted on the following motions:

  1. To accept or reject Board Meeting agenda for 10/10/06. Status: Accepted
  2. To accept or reject the previous ACHOA 7-26-06 meeting minutes. Status: Accepted
  3. To accept or reject Treasurers Report as read by Treasurer-Cliff Reiss. Accepted
  4. To accept or reject ACC report as read by Tom Martinez from Denise Briggs. Status: Accepted.
  1. To resolve retention pond re-inspection for certification. Status. Accepted
  2. To pay liability insurance. Accepted

Unresolved Resolutions:

  1. Amendment signatures status for Shed and Storm doors. Completed. Status: To be hand delivered to Hillsborough County office for amendment change approving sheds and storm doors as written on signature sheet. S. Briggs and T. Martinez by next meeting.
  2. Common area plans for benches and trees. By August end T. Martinez. Pending additional trees locations. On hold

New Business:

  1. Warning letter to Lot #1, Lot # 25, Lot #20 concerning yard appearance.
  2. Fine letter to Lot #35 regarding un-kept grass and lack of weeding in front landscaping.
  3. Letter to builder on lot # 24 concerning completion date and need to clean weeds/overgrowth.
  4. Open discussion on what will happen if minimum 3 Board members are not available for year 2007. Letters explaining need for board members for year 2007 to keep H.O. A. from going into Receivership to be mailed out.
  5. Letters for Proxy voting for current candidates Marci Martin and Cliff Reiss. Write-ins welcomed to be mailed out.
  6. Review of replies that were received concerning CC&Rs and homeowners recommendations for possible changes or modifications. 4 out of 50 that were sent out were returned. Board concerned about lack of participation in all aspects of the community.

Next Scheduled H.O.A. meeting is to be: Nov 14th @ 7:00p.m. At the Riverview Civic Center.

This meeting is for voting of year 2007 H.O.A. board members.

Being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Submitted by: Tom Martinez, Secretary - Aberdeen Creek H.O.A.