Minutes for 4-19-06 Board Meeting

This meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Steve Briggs, President of the Board. Four members creating a quorum were in attendance.

Steve Briggs-President, Marci Martin VP, Cliff Reiss-Treasurer, Tom Martinez-Secretary.

Eight of Fifty households were present for this 4/19/06 Board Meeting.

The meeting agenda was prepared by Steve Briggs and distributed via email to board members prior to the meeting.

Board Members reviewed & voted on the following motions:

  1. To accept or reject Board Meeting agenda for 4/19/06. Status: Accepted
  2. To accept or reject the previous ACHOA 2-04-06 (Emergency) meeting minutes. Status: Accepted
  3. To accept or reject Treasurers Report as read by Treasurer-Cliff Reiss for (See below) Status: Accepted

Mar-06 Checking account balance: $7,791.11

Mar -06 Savings account balance: $16,046.67

4) To accept or reject ACC request checklist and template. Status: Accepted.

5) To accept home color schemes for Aberdeen Creek community. Status Postpone until July 06 Meeting.

  1. To change name from "FINE" to "ARBITRATION" committee. Status: Accepted
  2. To accept Arbitration/fine schedule and procedure currently in place. Status: Accepted

Resolutions (old business):

  1. To Allow Jeff (Crew-Cuts) to lower sprinkler heads.

Proposed date 2/26/06 by Mr. Swindle; Status: Accepted/passed 3/31/2006

  2) To approve 2-04-06 revised minutes.

     Proposed date 3/05/2006 by Mr. Reiss; Status: Accepted/passed 3/07/2006

3) To send out violation letters.

     Proposed date 3/11/2006 by Mr. Swindle; Status: Accepted/passed 3/20/2006

4) To spend $25.00 for common area surge protector.

     Proposed date 3/22/2006 by Mr.Reiss; Status: Accepted/passed 3/29/2006

Unresolved Resolutions:

1) To acquire B.O.A. signature card

     Proposed date 4/01/2006 by Mr. Reiss; Status: Pending proper I.D.

2) To post re-typed CC&Rs on A.C. web site in Word format.

     Proposed date 4/19/2006 by Mr. Briggs ; Status: Currently PDF - Pending Word Format

  1. To re-key P.O. Box 1603 due to 3rd key missing.

Proposed date 4/19/06 by Mr. Briggs; Status to be completed by 4/26/06 by T. Martinez

New Business:

  1. To review wording of proposed amendment changes concerning Storage Sheds and Storm Doors.
  2. Status: Pending - Wording agreed upon. Petition to be walked through Aberdeen Creek for signature of current

    Homeowners by Mr. Briggs and Mr. Martinez to be completed by July meeting.

  3. Review CC&Rs for clarification/defining. Status: Shelved until July meeting.


    New Business Continued:

  5. Violations review. Status: Board members to walk and review current list of noted violations to determine if warranted for further process. To be completed by 4/28/06.
  6. Adding trees and possible benches/picnic table/gazebo to common area to spruce up area. Status: K. Pollock and T. Martinez to each come up with plan/design for review. To be completed by July meeting.
  7. Web page content for future development. Status: Shelved until July meeting.

Next Scheduled H.O.A. meeting is to be: July 26th @ 7:00p.m. At the Riverview Civic Center.

Being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Submitted by: Tom Martinez, Secretary - Aberdeen Creek H.O.A.