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Minutes for August 18, 2005 Board Meeting


The meeting was held at the Riverview Civic Center and called to order at 7:10PM by President Rob Fisher.


All board members were present: Rob Fisher President, Karen Knowles Vice President, Julia Ryan Treasurer, Clifford Reiss Secretary, Richard Cochran At-Large Representative.  A quorum of the Board was present.


Four (4) Aberdeen Creek Owners were represented as evidenced by their entries on the sign-in sheet: 8805, 8806, 8915, and 8930.


Meeting Agenda prepared by Rob Fisher:

  • Previous meeting minutes
  • Treasurers Report
  • Violations and resolution of the violations
  • Fence cleaning – thank you Cliff
  • Web site meeting – rewrite of web
  • Management Companies
  • Training Sessions with lawyer
  • Work session for next years budget and announcements letter
  • No solicitor/trespassing sign
  • New Items


President Rob Fisher stated that the minutes of the July 21 meeting have been posted on the Aberdeen Creek Homeowners Association web site (www.aberdeencreekfl.com) for review by the Board members prior to the meeting.  Motion to approve the minutes as written and posted on the web site offered by Karen Knowles, seconded by Julia Ryan approved unanimously. 


Treasurer’s report by Julia Ryan – a copy of the Financials is attached to these minutes:

·        Balance at the end of July $18,596.96

·        Expenses for the month $1,873.80

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report offered by Richard Cochran, seconded by Karen Knowles, unanimously approved.


Rob Fisher reported on violations discussed at the previous (July 21) Board meeting.  Violation letters were either hand delivered on Sunday July 31, 2005 or were mailed on August 2, 2005. Owners have 30 days to respond to the violation letters – some have already contacted Rob Fisher and he has requested that these Owners submit their responses in writing to the ACHOA Post Office Box.  If a violation has been corrected no further action by the Owner is required.  We may also have situations were an Owner believes they have corrected a violation but have not contacted the Board to advise the Board of their plan to remedy the violation or of action taken to correct the violation.  It is possible that the Board, at the end of the notice period and after review of the violation, absent any communication from the Owner, may determine that the violation has not been satisfactorily addressed or corrected.  Owners are encouraged to keep the Board informed of all plans to deal with violations for which they have been cited.   The Board will review all violations after the end of the thirty (30) day response period and Owners who have not satisfactorily dealt with the violation will be fined.  Owners will be advised in the fine letter of the date, time and location of the next meeting of the Fine Committee and Owners can attend the meeting to dispute a fine and request that the Fine Committee withdraw the fine.


Three new violations were discussed:

·        the Owner at 8938 is to be advised that they may be in violation of Article 7, Section 3 of the CC&R as well as Section of the Hillsborough County Land Development Code.

·        the Owner at 8945 will be advised that they are in violation of  Article VII Section 7 and Article II Section 10 of the CC&R

·        the Owner at 8903 was advised that they are in violation of Article VII Section 7 for the CC&R – a response was given by the Owner advising that the violation would be corrected within the next 24 to 48 hours


President Rob Fisher noted that the community fence bordering McMullen Loop has been cleaned and thanked Cliff Reiss for doing the cleaning.


President Rob Fisher advised that the Homeowners Association web site is out of date and poorly designed; as a result of the design flaws maintenance is difficult and time consuming.  He is working with several of the Owners who have volunteered to help improve the design and rebuild the web site.


The Board discussed the continuing research into Management Companies, the value to the Association of using a management company, and the financial impact of hiring a management company.  L.E. Wilson and Associates would charge $600 per month for a full slate of services – the Board would establish policies but the management company would perform all administrative work, attend all meetings, survey the neighborhood for violations of the CC&R, send violation notices and other correspondence, handle the Association’s finances, prepare financial reports, prepare Board meeting minutes, maintain insurance coverage and comply with all county, state and other agency regulations.  Wise Management  Company would charge $400 per month but would perform fewer functions, could be asked to handle only certain specific functions, would attend only 2 meetings, and would rely on the Board to advise them of CC&R violations.  Green Acres Management Company would charge $1,000 per month; a 4’th management company advised us we were too small a community to “afford them”.  Further investigation is required including: obtaining sample contracts, obtaining information on how annual fee increases are determined, asking if the management companies respond to home sales and title closing, and preparing a 2006 Association budget to determine the impact to the Association’s finances if a management company were hired.  The Board briefly discussed a worst case scenario – if the Association was unable to elect a Board of Directors and unable to contract with a management company to handle the day-to-day affairs of the Association the State of Florida could be asked to appoint a property manager.  This appointed manager would be compensated by the Association from the Association’s dues and the reserves.  The Board also discussed some of the benefits of hiring a management company – Board members would be relieved of many burdensome administrative duties, as a result fewer Board members would be required, and the Association would have professional guidance to ensure compliance with state and county rules and regulations.  The Board agreed that when research has been completed  recommendations will be presented to the community.


The Board discussed installation of “Deed Restricted and No Soliciting” sign to hang under the Aberdeen Creek sign at the entrance to the community.  A sign advising that we are a Deed Restricted community will help to notify any prospective homeowner (and their agents) that Owners in the community must adhere to rules and regulations in the CC&R.  Florida law requires that any prospective buyer must be provided a copy of the CC&R within 3 days of signing a contract to purchase a home.  Tom Martinez provided some suggestions for purchasing signs at reasonable cost; Rich Cochran will investigate.


The Board discussed the need to finalize a budget for 2006 including a determination of the appropriate level for the financial reserves and what the Annual Assessment will be in 2006.  Julia Ryan will prepare the budget for review at the next meeting.


Karen Knowles is continuing to work on preparation of a Welcome Package with the assistance of several of her neighbors.  Packages are needed for both recent and previous house sales at these addresses: 8905, 8906, 8916, 8938 and 8950.


The Board agreed to schedule a training workshop with the lawyer at a date and time to be established.  Notes will be taken during the workshop so the information obtained can be passed on to subsequent Boards.


The Board discussed it’s role in working with the county to extend the sidewalk on McMullen Loop East to McMullen Road, and working with the Hillsborough County Water Department to obtain reclaimed water for sprinkler systems.  The Board concluded that these activities are outside the scope or authority of the Board.  Individual homeowners are encouraged to rally their neighbors to support such initiatives.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was offered by Karen Knowles at 8:53 PM, seconded by Julia Ryan, and unanimously approved.


Minutes prepared and submitted by: Clifford Reiss – Secretary, Aberdeen Creek HOA