Minutes for February 12, 2005 Special Board Meeting

Today’s meeting was held in the Aberdeen Creek common area

The meeting was called to order at 9:10am by Doug Brown, President of the Board.

Agenda Items:

Representatives of at least 4 ACC households attended (attendance was not taken) in addition to elected Board members Doug Brown, Rob Fisher, Julia Ryan, and Gary Stecker. Clifford Reiss also became an attending board member as noted in the next paragraph.

Kristy Pollack has resigned as Secretary of the Board – Gary Stecker has been filling in as Secretary. The Board selected the candidate from the November election with the next highest vote total - Clifford Reiss (ACC 8941) – as a replacement for Kristy. Motion by Doug Brown to appoint Clifford Reiss to the Board as Secretary; seconded by Rob Fisher and unanimously approved.

A quorum of the board was established. President, Vice President, Treasurer, At-Large Rep, and Secretary.

Minutes of the January 2005 ACHOA Board meeting read and submitted by Gary Stecker. Approved by the Board as submitted: motion to approve by Gary Stecker and seconded by Rob Fisher. All motions from the January Board meeting were seconded and accepted unanimously by the Board.

Discussion and selection of landscape contractor. Bids were received from 6 companies including the current contractor. Summary of bids reviewed by Julia Ryan – for basic landscape services excluding fertilization, planting:

Discussion included the following issues/points:

Motion to select Crew Cut was offered by Gary Stecker but not seconded.

Motion to select Pa-Ja-Ma was offered by Rob Fisher a seconded by Cliff Reiss; approved by the Board; Julia Ryan not voting to avoid a conflict of interest.

Motion to solicit bids for fertilization and pest control offered by Gary Stecker, seconded by Rob Fisher, and approved – Rob Fisher will coordinate.

The four committees that need additional volunteers are:

  1. Architectural Committee – needs 5 volunteers has 4 (Denise Briggs, Claire Martinez, Cari Burns, Teri Horner); Jose Santiago has volunteered to join the AC
  2. Fine Committee – needs 3 volunteers has 2 (Matt Boettger, Philip Fernandez)
  3. CC&R Review Committee – needs as many volunteers as possible (has Karen Knowles)
  4. Beautification Committee – needs as many volunteers as possible (has Denise Briggs, Christine Russo, Cari Burns)

It was noted that the committee responsibilities were outlined last year. Gary Stecker briefly summarized how the complaint and fine process works and made the point that the Board is ultimately responsible for such decisions after review of recommendations submitted by the Fine Committee.

Motion to draft and distribute a letter to the community outlining the purpose and duties of each committee and asking for volunteers: motion was offered by Gary Stecker, seconded by Julia Ryan and approved.

Motion to amend the previous motion to set a date of 1 week from today to complete and distribute the letter and set a March 3 date to act on the responses: motion offered by Rob Fisher, seconded by Julia Ryan and approved.

Directors and Officers insurance has been renewed and is in force.

Financial report by Julia Ryan

Discussion of renewal of web site at a cost of $119.40/year for the current web hosting service (webmasters.com). Gary Stecker is acting as webmaster – he is willing to continue as a "co" webmaster but is asking for assistance. Web site is receiving 30 or more "hits" a month and 60 or more "hits" a month when updated postings are added – for this size community this is a good hit rate. Gary Stecker advised that the Board can use the web site to distribute notices to the ACC households if the CC&R is updated to specify the web site as an official posting location. The CC&R rewrite committee would need to make this change and have it approved.

Motion to continue the web service with the current provider and at the current rate: motion offered by Rob Fisher, seconded by Gary Stecker and approved. The Board agreed that the previously approved letter to the homeowners will also include information about the web site.

Being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 10:10 am – motion to adjourn offered by Rob Fisher and seconded by Gary Stecker.

Next meeting scheduled for 7PM Thursday, March 3 at the Riverview Community Center.

Submitted by: Clifford Reiss – Secretary Aberdeen Creek HOA